email design 
The Problem
Color Brands is a global food and beverage distribution company working with wholesale companies and retail chains to exclusively manage the international marketplace for our brand partners. Every month, the company was having trouble showcasing popular new products to consumers in a way that encourages higher sales.  
The Idea
Develop eye-catching marketing emails that highlight these popular food and beverage products in an engaging way. These will not only inform customers about new products, but will also encourage them to place an order, ultimately growing the Color Brands business.  
The Solution
Maintaining a consistent format across all emails along with the Color Brands logo at the top and bottom of each design encourages brand awareness while still promoting the featured products. Incorporating strong color schemes and key elements central to each food and beverage brand improves recognition among customers and motivates them to take action. Moreover, each email features a responsive design, ultimately enhancing email retention across multiple user devices. 
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